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Our Best Web Hosting Reviews for 2015 are now available.

When choosing a website hosting service, the keyword to consider is "value." Value is the quality of products and services that you are paying for, not the price that you are paying. Our website will help you to decide how to get the best value from your web hosting provider while helping you to select which of the web hosting services that would be best suited for your particular needs. Here are a few of the services that we have used in comparison with each of the web hosting providers to see exactly how they stack up against their competition:

  • Reliability: A good web hosting provider will offer a minimum uptime of 99.9% and also offer a service level agreement, which means that you will be compensated if your website is down for any length of time that is longer than what is guaranteed.
  • Tech Support: Is the tech support staff friendly, knowledgeable, and handles your query in a timely manner? How can they improve? Were they willing to go above and beyond to provide you with a working solution?
  • Scalability: When your online business or website starts getting heavy traffic and begins to grow, how easy is it to increase your web hosting services as needed?
  • Hardware: Does the web hosting provider use state-of-the-art technology or are they using outdated hardware? The difference can mean a successful website or one that is constantly offline.
  • Company Business Tactics: Many web hosts may decide to go for carbon offsets and green technology, frequent data backups, bi-coastal redundancy, or any other methods to get your business. Are their services reliable or was it simply a gimmick to get your business? 
  • User and Professional Reviews: How are their customers rating their products and services? Are there a lot of people who are complaining about their services and regret their decision to choose that particular web hosting company?

New to Web Hosting? Start Here:

Web Hosting is when a vendor provides products and services consisting of a physical location of the web servers, storage, and other equipment which will allow for your website to be live on the Internet for others to access. If you've ever wondered "What is the Internet?" The answer is that the Internet is a network of hosted sites that are connected together across a Web of networking technologies comprised of personal and business web pages known as the World Wide Web. The Internet is comprised of many other useful features than just your standard web pages such as: email, FTP, newsgroups, IRC, Internet phone, audio, video and file transfer, etc. that can be accessed through a variety of programs that are designed for these specific services.

If you are new to web hosting and are not sure where to begin, here is a free website that shows you how to plan and create your website from scratch with plenty of tutorials to help you along the way. One of the main features of this free website is that it also shows you how to monetize your site so that it ends up paying for itself while earning you some extra cash along the way: Start Here® Online

And if you're still unsure whether or not to get a personal website or blog, or one for your business, you just may find this article useful: Should I have a website or blog?

What To Look For In a Web Host...

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